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5 Marionnettes sur ton Théâtre

Le 5 octobre 2023 • Digoin


"5 Marionnettes sur Ton Théâtre", you might think, is just another French chanson group with suspenders and a gapette, but you'd be wrong! The trio, straight out of their voluntary work with the disabled, have a lot more to come out of their guts. 10 years after their debut, the group arrive this year with a live album in their pocket. The connection with La Rue Ketanou and Les Ogres de Barback is obvious. The accordions twirl along with the guitar, playing java, rock and musette, and the group's lively lyrics are true to life, appealing to a wide audience by tackling the issues without pretense, singing about life and castigating the bitter, the small-minded and the faint-hearted. "Life is intense, let's live it!