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Apéritif-concert "Marcia Hadjimarkos"

Le 1 décembre 2023 • Paray-le-Monial


Marcia Hadjimarkos presents a programme based on the pianoforte in Paris, where it first appeared in 1768 at a Concert spirituel. A series of public musical events were organised at the Tuileries Palace between 1725 and 1790. On these occasions Mlle Lechantre played a piece by a certain Monsieur Romain. We finally know the identity of this composer, thanks to recent research by one of his descendants. His name is Romain de Brasseur.
The guest artist will take you on a tour of the works of Claude Balbastre, who was very famous during the revolutionary period, Julie Candeille, and above all the immense composer Hélène de Montgerould, a great teacher at the newly created Paris Conservatoire in 1795.
You'll discover this music on a magnificent instrument from the same period (1789), a pianoforte by Johannes Bäth. A convivial aperitif will be offered to the audience after the concert. It is also possible to share a meal in the restaurant (around 15 euros) with the audience and the musician.