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Exposition Cheeky flying birds

Du 17 sept 2022 au 19 janvier 2023 • Paray-le-Monial


Exhibition of mosaics by Martin Cheek on an ornithological theme treated with humour and poetry.

Originally from Birmingham, England, Martin Cheek studied at Exeter College of Art and Design.

For the past 30 years, Martin has been creating mosaics in which he includes pieces of thermoformed glass (fusing technique). These intricately detailed glasses, which he makes himself, give his mosaics a unique texture and dimension that adds, he says, "varying degrees of energy and reflectivity".

An avid ornithologist, he has made bird flights his favourite theme; flights which, according to the rich English lexicon, have specific names for each species, depending on its behaviour. Thus it is a woodpecker raid, or a murder of crows. With his humorous* work, Martin aims to amuse and entertain, while creating beauty.

Naturally, he loves to share "this wonderful medium" and has taught courses all over the world to over 2000 students. His mosaics can be found indoors and outdoors, in swimming pools, murals, tables, floors and sculptures... Martin Cheek has written seven best-selling books on mosaics. He currently lives in Broadstairs, Kent, England.

* The title of the exhibition itself is a nod to the fact that "Cheeky flying birds" can be translated as "Vols d'oiseaux effrontés".