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Gustave Eiffel de la Bourgogne à l'universalité

Le 1 décembre 2023 • Digoin


2023 - Centenary of Gustave Eiffel's death

Eiffel, six letters known the world over and associated with a 300 metre high tower built for the Universal Exhibition of 1889. But who knows that its builder was born in Burgundy, in Dijon, and that he left metal constructions not only in France and Europe (Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Hungary) but also in Latin America, New York and Indochina. But Gustave Eiffel was not only a specialist in iron, he was also a champion of aerodynamics and one of the pioneers of aviation! Discover all the facets of Gustave Eiffel in this dynamic lecture, illustrated by a wealth of illustrations.

Philippe Ménager, from Digoin, is a lecturer in modern history at the University of Burgundy, specialising in civil engineering. At the end of his talk, the author will sign Eiffel, le génie du fer et ses autres nouveautés.