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The Tangerine Room is a play in two acts and eight tableaux by Robert Thomas.

The action takes place in the small Hotel St Joseph, near the Square des Batignolles, in Paris. But the Hotel St Joseph is not a hotel like the others: Violet, pineapple, butterfly... each room has been repainted with a different colour.
The author, Robert Thomas, has chosen to focus his attention on room 28, known as La Chambre Mandarine.
And she sees it, La Chambre Mandarine, in all colours! She sees the guests, endearing characters and others who are completely crazy, come and go. A swirling ballet of slices of life that only a hotel room can know.
They all have in common this line from the first act: "I am not what people think, I am not what they say".
If only it could talk! She has a good memory, the Tangerine Room!
A burlesque comedy, a detective comedy, a comedy of suspense, in a cheerful and fast-paced style, with many coups de théâtre and reversals of situations, La Chambre Mandarine has no other claim than to entertain its spectators.