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La danse comme moyen de séduction

Le 16 octobre 2022 • Paray-le-Monial


Entertainment show in four parts, four eras: Renaissance, Baroque, 19th and 20th century.

Ballroom dancing has a double objective: one is social, collective, sharing a moment of gaiety and pleasure, situating oneself socially in relation to others, showing oneself off, asserting one's social position. The other is individual, turned towards seduction. One can "peacock" in the pavane, one can approach the other, feel them in the true sense of the word, touch them or embrace them, furtively slip a few words into their ear, leave a hand that was intended to be innocent, one can look into each other's eyes, bring heads closer together or even have them brush against each other. Dance is a means of learning. One could almost speak of an initiation rite...
It was natural to present a dance show in connection with the exhibition of hairstyles at the Tour St Nicolas in Paray. It is based on four periods: Renaissance, Baroque, 19th and 20th century. The same couple goes through these different periods with different costumes, different gestures, different manners, but with a constant concern for seduction (even in the 20th century) and demonstration. He is accompanied by a "dance master", i.e. a violinist who "makes them dance", who exchanges with them in complete complicity, plays with them but also plays with them thanks to games of rhythm, movement, speed and ornamentation, and this, in all periods and in all countries. The dance musician is not just another musician. He really plays for others, in all generosity. He lives and makes the music live so much that he often doesn't even need to know theory or solfeggio (but this is a rather subversive statement not to be made in conservatories). An accordionist will add his own touch, especially for the twentieth century.
Irène Feste and Guillaume Jablonka, dancers
Frédéric Martin, violinist
Roland Tèche, accordion