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Le salon de musique ou le baroque à la carte

Le 16 octobre 2022 • Paray-le-Monial


In order to revive the spirit of entertainment and sociability characteristic of the "lanes" of the Grand Siècle, Marco Horvat and Olga Pitarch have had fun designing a show "à la carte", in the true sense of the word.
Using a deck of tarot cards, the audience is invited to compose a unique evening that the performers will discover with them as the eleven arcana drawn at random from a total of twenty-two are revealed.

Music by Ambruys, Bataille, Boësset, Cantigas de Santa Maria, Couperin, Dowland, Dufaut, Kapsberger, Merula, Monteverdi, Visée etc.

Texts by Auvray, Bartas, Malherbe, Régnier, Souris, Selve, La Fontaine.