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Loulou de Georg Wilhelm Pabst

Le 9 décembre 2021 • Digoin


"Loulou, femme fatale, manages to marry Dr. Schön, a wealthy newspaper owner. On the wedding night, her husband surprises her with her own son..." A major work by Pabst, it revealed Louise Brooks who would become, thanks to this film, an icon of silent cinema.

Presentation of the evening by the trumpet player Airelle Besson and the pianist Benjamin Moussay :

"Our approach to this mythical German film from
1929 German film was to avoid a simple musical illustration
in order to embrace Loulou's subjective point of view
Thus, we wanted to stay as close as possible to his
his emotions, not hesitating to leave some silent areas where the
of silence where the force of the images must prevail
On other sequences, a simple musical thread was
when Loulou finds herself alone in an uproar that
in a tumult that escapes her, as during her trial,
for others still, an emphasis on tension prevails when joy or anxiety overwhelms her. Through this approach, the audience feels a match between the story, the image and the music, the latter bringing emotions without ever vamping the first two."

An event supported by the Agence pour le Développement Régionale du Cinéma and the SACEM