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  • © Raphaël Lacour © Raphaël Lacour

Spectacle Raphaël Lacour imitateur

Le 1 janvier 1970 • Paray-le-Monial


Imitator Raphaël Lacour has been developing his repertoire of humour, caricature and imitation over the last fifteen years.

Since the early 2000s, impersonator Raphaël Lacour has performed his show throughout France and abroad (Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, etc.) in a variety of venues: cabarets, theatres, festivals, TV studios, private parties, etc.

His career as an impersonator has enabled him to take part regularly in the programme "Les coups d'humour" on TF1 and the programme "Les imitateurs associés" on France 5.

Imitator Raphaël Lacour's new show evolves in line with current events, taking us on a whirlwind tour of sketches and songs to introduce us to a host of characters, including Michel Polnareff, Johnny Hallyday, Shirley and Dino, Jeff Tuche, Pascal Obispo, Stromae, François Hollande, Christophe Maé, Nicolas Sarkozy, Julien Doré, Louis Armstrong, Madame de Fontenay and Régis Laspalès.

The impersonator captures the intonations of his "victims", as well as their gestures and tics.

Come and discover this show that combines cabaret and Music Hall with a dose of interactivity with the audience.

In all, impersonator Raphaël Lacour will be performing around fifty sung and spoken imitations throughout the show.