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Stand up and down

Le 7 décembre 2023 • Digoin


"Doctor, I don't feel well, I feel sad, I'm depressed, I don't feel like living any more ...
- It's probably just temporary anxiety, you need to enjoy yourself, you need to laugh! For example, yesterday my son and I went to see a clown at the circus who's visiting us this week, and we laughed all the way through the show! You should go, it'll take your mind off it!
- But Doctor, the clown you saw yesterday was me."
A comedian and Robin Williams fan is convinced that his idol will show him the way to success. Under the gaze of his best photographer friend, he tells his story, rewinds the thread, exposes himself, confronts the man he made his role model, the man who took his own life in 2014 in Paradise Cay. A mirror portrait (facing a poster) where questioning his construction models also means showing the dressing rooms, and all that can be going on there.