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The Domaine de Langcilly was born from the passion of a young beekeeper for the honey bees Apis mellifera. The bees live in the heart of the Charolais region of France. This still natural area allows the bees to find sufficient resources in nectar, pollen and sap of excellent quality. We work on a very small scale; about thirty colonies at present, to which we can bring a very particular care, in the respect of the bee and its environment. Indeed, our colonies are treated against varroa (a mite that parasites the bee) according to biological methods thanks to hyperthermia and organic acids, thus without synthetic acaricides, thus preserving the integrity of our products. The respect of our bees and their work is also reflected in the rigour and care taken during the cold extraction of the honey, thus preserving the richness of the ecosystem in which it was harvested. This leads to a quality and an exceptional terroir on a human scale and induces the exclusivity of the Domaine de Langcilly products.
We offer you our range of honeys as well as some by-products from the hive, so that you can benefit from real healthy, active and committed products.